Call Me Crazy

I know. You think I’m nuts. Hope in all things? Does this lady read the news? No! Wait! Does she even live a real life?

Call me crazy. As far as I’m concerned, the statement is true. But, as they say, ‘Rome didn’t fall in a day.’ It’s not like I can hand you some magical phrase that will change your world. We all know that’s not how life works.

Honestly, I was in the proverbial depths of hell when I came to the conclusion that there really is hope in all things. I could give you a lecture. But lectures are boring. Besides, I like to write stories. Here’s my first one:

Suicidal Thoughts

I could take the pills in my hand.
With a little water it would be easy.

My hand is shaking.

Some people say that life is hard and then we die.
So why not end it now before the hard part gets too big?

Nothing is better than nothing.

Now I see my children.
They are crying.
I am on the floor asleep.
Their sobbing will not wake me any more.
They beg for my attention.
They sit, lingering by my side

The pills will have to wait this time.

I hold my little ones
and weep.


You can figure out where the hope is in that one. It took me a little while to find it, but I caught on.


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